Q?Are Software QA jobs very demanding? How do the work schedulers look like?

Software QA jobs are in general not demanding. There are some companies that try to squeeze their employees, but majority of the jobs are standard 9-to-5 jobs without involving any overtime.
The work schedule is setup in such a way that the QA tester gets to work different aspects like – creating test cases/documents, testing the product, reporting defects etc. Because software testers keep testing different aspects of the software, the whole process becomes more interesting and does not get monotonous.

Q?What is a typical day like in a Software QA Testing job?

A typical day for a Software/QA Tester starts off with scrum meeting (quick meeting) where the entire team gives updates about their previous days work and current days prospective work. Rest of the day involves working on predetermined testing tasks, be it manual testing, automation testing or regression testing.

A testing cycle starts with writing acceptance tests documents. This is a collaborative task that helps drive development as developers start focusing on writing code to pass the acceptance tests. Exploratory testing for QA Tester begins, as the coding of the first stories may be completed. As soon as more of the stories are coded by developers, the QA Tester starts performing tests that verify combined functionality to make sure the new user stories that have been implemented integrate smoothly with the existing ones. While QA Testers test these stories, they may come across any defects/bugs which they log it into to defect tracking system. Once these defects are fixed by the developers; QA Testers test them again to see if they are fixed and work in accordance with the rest of the product/application.

Most companies use different testing methodologies, but majority have moved on to Agile model now and Software development and testing go hand-in-hand. A testing job is therefore has very good growth opportunities because of the close co-operation and collaborations with the developers and program managers.

Q?Do you work with employers where you can refer us?

We work with several recruitment agencies where we will send you as referral.

Q?Do you guarantee job placements?

Every candidate and their effort is different and thus we cannot blanket guarantee everyone a job. But we guarantee that every candidate will be given personal attention and help to land in a job. We are confident in our abilities and if you follow our guidance we do not see any reason why you wouldn’t get placed. We allow you to attend any number of classes even after you are done with your training. Our motto is to train you and make you a qualified candidate and we will do whatever we can to achieve that.

Q?How long will the course run?

From 6 weeks to 26 weeks, it depends on the course package you choose.

Q?What kind of resume/interview help do you provide?

We will work closely with you to review your resume and critique any changes required. We conduct mock interviews to build your confidence before your actual interviews.

Q?How do online classes work?

Each class will be held at scheduled time and our tutors will train you in real time. You will be able to ask questions and take part in discussions. Real classroom feel from the comfort of your home.

Q?Do you offer any degrees or certificates?

No, we do not offer any degrees or certificates. We are a privately run institute coaching in highly job oriented Software testing courses but we are not accredited with any organizations at the moment.

Q?I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, can I still train for a QA job?

We require at least a diploma or associate degree. We welcome others but chances of landing into job gets thin otherwise.

Q?I have a degree in Psychology, can I still train for a QA job?

Definitely. In fact, most of our stundents are from non-Computer-Science background.

Q?How can I contact you?

Email us or Call us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help you.

Q?How long is the course?

There are different courses and packages. Our most popular package that covers Testing basics, Manual testing, Core java and Automation Testing including Selenium is carefully crafted to fit in 3 months, running only on weekends (6 hours per week for 12 weeks). Contact us to talk about our next batch starting date and timings.

Q?How much is the tuition fees?

Each course and fees are different. Best way to get details is to set up and appointment with one of our specialists. We will evaluate your current background and recommend what courses/packages would you need. As we are newly starting in Colorado, we are keeping the course offerings very affordable prices to you.

Q?What are the different courses at DestinationJ

Refer to our Courses page.

Q?Why should I choose DestinationJ vs other providers.

Our tutors are highly experienced Software professionals. We have mastered the exact formula to prepare you for your dream software job. Hundreds of happy students have achieved their goals through training provided by our dedicated tutors. All of our courses starts with basic software fundamentals and thus no prior software background is necessary. Our tutors and our curriculum are one of the best in the industry. You just need to be a motivated student and willing to learn . We will be there for you on every step till you end up in your dream job. Typical training course looks like below

1. Technical training – We help to make you proficient in the subject mater
2. Motivational training – We help to build your confidence to apply for the best Software jobs in industry
3. Resume help – We give you tips on how to make a marketable resume
4. Job search help – We guide you on how and where to look for jobs. We have relationships with several recruitment agencies through which we will help find a job for you to apply
5. Interview preparation – We will train you on how to crack interviews
6. Mock Interviews – Real Software professionals will conduct several mock interviews
7. Interview day help – If needed we will also provide you interview day help

Q?Do I need a computer background for a Software QA job?

No. Any bachelors or associate degree is sufficient. But we want you to be a motivated student willing to learn.

Q?How much can I expect to earn after graduating?

Typical job salaries are available on different websites like Salary.com or Glassdoor.com. A fresher can expect to earn about $60,000-$80,000 per year depending upon your background and performance. The median salary for a Software QA engineer (after 2 years of experience) is around $80,000.